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Sleect Month
12-01 Aglaia Rimosa
You love immense easiness. You will immediately escape as soon as you feel any restriction. You don-t love fame and wealth but do what you are interested in.
12-02 Petasites Formosanus Kitam.
You are a person with integrity, sincerity, friendliness and innocence. You like to help others and it won-t bother even if you don-t gain equal feedback from those who accept your assistance. You can keep enthusiastic all the time.
12-03 Pinellia Tuber, Tuber of Pinellia
You are rash and quick, but your highly researching spirit will be exposed as soon as it-s related to studying. You are a person full of philosophy and thinking ability, and you emphasize meanings and nature in particular.
12-04 China-root Greenbrier, China Brier
You embrace infinite enthusiasm to life. You are always active and optimistic. You would like to take a risk to adventure rather than stick to old conventions.
12-05 Scarletfruit Passionflower
You are candid, active, open-minded and creative. You never let go of any chance to get in contact with novelties as if you are going forward happily in zealous, passionate music.
12-06 Tufted Fishtail Palm, Wine Palm
You have a strong thirst for knowledge. You are interested in getting to the bottom of all knowledge. You have endless treasures in your mind. You are rich and erudite.
12-07 Wood Sorrel
You can always meet mentors in your life. Whenever you are going to be trapped in dilemma, you will get help from honored persons. Your luckiness is the envy of others.
12-08 Tall larkspur, Delphinum x Cultorum
You have sympathetic feelings and profound magnanimity. You know how to advocate religious and mental instructions to lead to human goodness, which make people feel relieved and embrace hope.
12-09 Red-hairy Rhododendron, Red-hairy Azalea
You enjoy the pleasure of chatting with friends and the joking, bustling atmospheres. You can adapt yourself to group lives. You also love to travel alone over the world.
12-10 Century Plant, American Aloe
You foster ideals, definite goals and insistence. You can always think positively. Mentors are frequently by your side. It-s easier for you to succeed than others.
12-11 Limnophila Aromatica (Lam.) Merr
You are initiative and active. You have endless energy and never show negative emotions. You are positively influential and popular.
12-12 Alishan Magnolia Vine
You can-t stay unchangeable for a long time, nor can you stay in institutional environments. Constant changes make you feel growing and progressing.
12-13 Small Goosefoot, Figleaved Goosefoot, Koakaza
Even though there are pains and burdens on you, you can still manage to give a hand to those who are in need. You are a person with self-consciousness. You can comprehend the meaning of life.
12-14 Linden Hibiscus
You are passionate, energetic and always smiling. No matter whatever changes in environmental conditions, you are always hopeful to the future. You can bring a feeling of happiness and joy to everyone.
12-15 Sweet Acacia, Popinac, West Indian Blackthorn, Sponge Tree
You are broad-minded and good at encouraging and comforting. All in your mind is happy things. You are always happy and also a joy maker.
12-16 Butterfly Pea, Kordofan Pea
You are quick-witted. You can adapt yourself to a strange field soon. You are vigorous and interested in pursuing any unknown things. You are energetic.
12-17 Taiwan? Acacia
You are erudite and have extensive interests. You have a correct sense of life. Although you love having fun, you are eager to knowledge too.
12-18 Echinochloa Crus-galli (L.) P. Beauv.
You are open-handed to everyone. You keep open to everything and never hide or conceal. You are fair to everyone and willing to share.
12-19 Climbing Fig, Creeping Fig
You enjoy tasting any novel things. It-s not difficult for you to develop well in some certain fields because you possess excellent abilities of learning and comprehension.
12-20 Peucedanum Japonicum Thunb.
You are good at inspiring and praising. You can bring confidence and hope and go forward with everyone actively and optimistically.
12-21 Cotton Tree
You have good sense of judgement. You will never trap yourself in the mud of hesitation. You can make up decisions soon and lucidly. You can grab good chances very easily.
12-22 Largeleaf Markingnut, Giant-leaved Markingnut
You have open mind and self-confidence. You can accept all kinds of challenges and possess a positive sense of life. You have a good chance to taste success earlier than others.
12-23 Cotoneaster Morrisonensis Hayata
Once you set up your goals, you will strive for them diligently. Difficulties and dangers won-t bother you. Perseverance can conquer all.
12-24 Radix Clematidis, Lespedeza Cuneata(Dumont d. Cours.)G. Don
You have a strong will, like an ever extinguishable blaze or an ever melting ice rock. You will advance bravely until the moment success comes.
12-25 Eupatorium Odoratum, Erechtites Valerianifolia
You go only straight forward in life. It won-t change your determination even though it-s full of thorns, illusions and obstacles in the process of marching.
12-26 Osmunda Japonica Thunb.
You are a person of practice, ideas and hard-working. You don-t daydream. By accumulation of practice, your rate of success will be much higher than others.
12-27 Blood-flower, Milkweed
Whatever you say is based on evidence. You don-t beat about the bush nor take sides about right and wrong. You can analyze problems in detail and stick to the principle of credibility.
12-28 Roxburgh Sumac
You don-t do anything that is not advantageous or low in return. You won-t make your decisions until you have calculated carefully. You are profit-oriented.
12-29 Sage, Artemisia Kawakamii
There is no one who can satisfy you but yourself, therefore you have to do everything by yourself. You look like a toiler in others- eyes, but you know what you are doing, with happiness and certainty.
12-30 Matrimony Vine, Boxthorn, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Chinese Wolfberry, Goji Berry, Barbary Matrimony Vine, Bocksdorn, Duke of Argyll-s Tea Tree, Rangoon Creeper
You refuse to be gambler-like because you request for certainty, precision and reliability. You will choose to give up in face of tiny risk. You insist on being reliable to everyone.
12-31 Seahore Vine Morning Glory
You have stored huge, unique forces of stabilization, which can keep you calm in face of unexpected crisis and superior to temptation.
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