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Sleect Month
05-01 Rose Myrtle, Hill Gosseberry, Downy Rosemyrtle
You are always diligently fighting and striving. You will clench your teeth to the last minute and never complain.
05-02 Sweet Broomwort Herb
You are friendly, faithful and sincere. You don-t argue even though you have given much more than others. Your sincerity never fades away.
05-03 Four-o-clock, Marvel-of-Peru, Beauty-of-the-night, Buenas Tardes
You pursue quality and obey the philosophy of "lento". You enjoy doing things slowly, tasting slowly and experiencing life in lento.
05-04 Ceriman, Window Plant, Monstera Adansonii
You stick to one land, one technique, one kind of fun and one pattern. All you want is steadiness and hope there will be not any changes in life.
05-05 Rose of Sharon, Common Hibiscus, Shrub-Althaea, Mallow Rose
You are strongly concentrative. No matter who you deal with, what you do or how long it takes, your attitude and spirit remain unchangeable.
05-06 Alishan Honeysuckle
You are as amazingly patient as marathon runners. You have to go through an ultimate trial in mind and body before sweet gains and you enjoy it!
05-07 Angelica Morrisonicola Hayata
You can-t handle complexity. You are not interested in adventurous, exciting activities and will avoid variations. Regularity and simplicity are the best. All you want is to lead a steady, regular life.
05-08 Adsuki Bean, Rice Bean
You love pleasing music, beautiful clean-cut things, artistic works worthy of appreciation and comfortable environment. You are a person with sensory taste.
05-09 Autumn Maple Tree, Bishopwood, Red Cedar
You are reliable and staid. You are friendly and gentle to others and confident of your skills and talent. You don-t show off but convince people with performance.
05-10 Lindley Butterflybush, Buddleja
You don-t cover flaws with tricks, nor cheat by doing shoddy work. You are always concentrated on studying good skills and try to gain good impressions with outstanding qualities.
05-11 Greyblue Spicebush
You insist on better quality than quantity. You would rather thoroughly complete a test-standing masterpiece than do shoddy works in haste.
05-12 Chinese Milk Vetch, Chinese Clover
You follow rules, work hard, stick to your duties and never waste time on disadvantageous things. You need to reap whatever you sow.
05-13 Aglaonemaspp, Chinese Evergreen
You love to share good things with others and won-t get discouraged even though it-s not appreciated. You will devote every effort to what you believe is right.
05-14 Japanese Euscaphis
You are gifted in art, especially the appreciation of beautiful things. You will feel contented with the companion of beautiful things.
05-15 Napiergrass, Elephantgrass
Not only you can stand in other-s shoes but you are also able to offer practical, effective suggestions. You are full of sincerity and singleness in dealing with people. You are a reliable friend.
05-16 White Popinac
You are not greedy, nor demanding. You choose to live in the most suitable environment for you and walk on the safest life track. Your happiness lies in contentment.
05-17 Fancy-leaf Caladium, Caladium, Heart-of-Jesus
You are active and responsible. You won-t easily give up once you devote yourself in. Everyone appreciates your serious, attentive attitude.
05-18 Japan Clover, Korean Lespedeza
You totally understand your own specialty and advantages. You don-t fight recklessly nor get greedy. You just diligently do your duties and will get good grades unexpectedly.
05-19 Potato
You are merciful and simple. You don-t like any power or profit games but love nature and enjoy the dependable feeling of looking for truth of life.
05-20 Platycarya Strobilacea Sieb. & Zucc
You are cultivated, aesthetic and charming. The glamor you display is just like old wine, growing more and more mellow and unforgettable over years.
05-21 Twotooth Achyranthes
You are intelligent and smart. Nothing can hide from you. You can always learn from analogies and pass the crisis.
05-22 Japanese Dock
You don-t have rank concepts. Your principle of dealing with people can be adjusted with changes of situation. You are quick and elastic. You can easily deal with different kinds of people and adapt yourself into different environments.
05-23 Blood Lily, Cape Tulip
You love to make friends and get in touch with new knowledge and new fields. Everything is fresh and worthy of expectation because it-s full of infinite possibilities and amazing variations.
05-24 Pericuinkle, Old Maid, Rose Pericuinkle
You can learn quickly. Through your extraordinary observation, you can get up to speed on every situation very soon. You have strong thirst for knowledge and you can practice what you have just learnt.
05-25 Musa Formosana
You are kaleidoscopic. You can display different kind of character upon timing. Changes you-ve made can often bring diversified amazements.
05-26 Pogonatherum Crinitum (Thunb.) Kunth
You are good at expressing yourself. You know how to view from different angles and make yourself understood, which makes you feel accomplished.
05-27 Common Ivy
You like to make friends with different qualities. Some of them could be soul mates and some could share your feelings. These friends are important resources to you.
05-28 Tabernaemontana Divaricata
You are good at permutation, combination and rational analysis to get yourself out of hesitation when you need to make a choice.
05-29 Brazilian Fireweed, Fireweed, Malayan Fireweed
You are ready to receive all kinds of information. You can-t endure fixed patterns, movements, positions or environments. You won-t feel delighted unless you keep moving and changing.
05-30 Lobed Kudzuvine
You are good at social intercourse. You are thought of as an information center, which has weaved a tight, inseparable net of interpersonal relationship.
05-31 PurpIe Heart, Purple Queen
You are eloquent and conversational. There will never be a dull moment with you. Any ordinary matter can be interesting because of you. You have inexhaustible subjects for conversations.
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