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Sleect Month
03-01 Ceylon Leadword
You will repeat a thought, a deed, or a habit into a circle. You will feel and recollect over and over in order to express your emotion.
03-02 Brazilian Nightshade, Star Potato Vine
You are kind and friendly. Anyone with bad tempers will be influenced by your sincerity and honesty.
03-03 Henon Bamboo Leaf, Common Lopatherum Herb
You will give your love, care and commiseration to those who in depression or dilemma, no matter rich or poor. You have inexhaustible love.
03-04 Lilac Daphne
You have sensible intuition. This unique gift can be very precise and used in daily life as long as you feel it with attention.
03-05 Copperleaf, Mercury, Three Seeded Mercury, Nokigusa
You are a person of imagination and won-t be limited by rules. Your imagination is helpful to art creativity. Practice will make extraordinary achievements.
03-06 May Lily, Lily of the Valley
You always have a dream waiting to come true. No matter what the consequence is, dream is beauty and you are the happy, contented dreamer.
03-07 Oldham Chlorantus
You have extraordinary agility and art creativity. Simple learning can bring accomplishments. You are intelligent and extremely imaginative.
03-08 Taiwan Gaultheria, Ito-s Wintergreen
You ignore materials but respect spiritual escalation. You are not a realist, but a sensible soul pursuer.
03-09 Red Sandalwood, Circassian Bean, Peacock Flower Fence
You are pure and romantic. You see only good side of the world and cannot feel any crime or darkness. Any attainment will make you happy.
03-10 Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber, Creeping Liriope, Mondo Grass
You are a person full of love. You are sacrificial and gentle. You don-t seek for returns. Anyone accepting your assistance is filled with warmth and happiness.
03-11 Yushan Azalea
You are very aesthetic, therefore, ugliness becomes peculiarity, and malevolence becomes jokes. Everything is veiled with a comfortable cover.
03-12 Coca
With the most sacred and holy mood, you trust your every belief, every good deed and every dream you hold.
03-13 Taiwan Hugeria
You are pure and sincere. All movements you have made are not for certain purposes. It doesn-t matter even though these movements are not advantageous to you. Only self-content counts.
03-14 China Berry, China Tree
You are generous, gentle and tender. You will manage to return times of grace to others. You don-t take advantage but often suffer losses.
03-15 Incised Histiopteris
You are easily plunged into certain filed or fond of someone. You cannot help being intoxicated with the joyful atmosphere for a long time. You are a passionate person.
03-16 Japanese Milkwort Herb
You never strive for fame or wealth, nor show yourself off. You can engage yourself in others and accept different opinions. You are an easy-going person.
03-17 Rubus Pectinellus Maxim. Var. Trilobus Koidz.
You love with the deepest feelings, help with the most profound way and treat with the most heartfelt attitude. Your affection is unforgettable.
03-18 Cajeput Tree, Pune-tree, Paper-bark Tree
You are truly caring and giving. You don-t care what you will get. Helping others is equal to approving yourself.
03-19 Precatorius, Rosary Pea, Crabseye, Precatory Bean, Equirity Bean, Indian Licorice
You will sacrifice yourself for others. You are suitable for charity or public welfare affairs and spreading your endless love to the human.
03-20 Ginkgo
You are continuously disciplined by kindness and wickedness, bitterness and happiness in order to make yourself happier, more reliable and moderate.
03-21 Oriental Hawksbeard, Asiatic Hawksbeard, Native Hawksbeard, Onitabirako
Your amazing energy keeps you interested in everything. You don-t just talk. You enjoy putting your words into practice.
03-22 Taiwan Maesa
You are bright and definite. You are glamorous but not harsh. You are reliable and always expect a better tomorrow.
03-23 Seashore Ardisia, Ceylon Ardisia
You like to take the lead and are glad to become the first one or the founder. It-s a kind of achievement to you.
03-24 Pratia
You are active, up-and-coming and full of morale. You are full of energy to fight all challenges and difficulties. You have strong positive capacity.
03-25 Tropical Kudzu, Tropical Kudzu Bean
You are a person with activity and thrust. You own uncommon ardor. You must seek for recognition and existence in the process of practice.
03-26 Common Lantana
You are afraid of nothing. You can take all kinds of challenges and take defeat well. You look self-confident and excited.
03-27 Filiform Cassytha, Cassytha
You own the passion to lead everyone to go forward and the determination of taking the lead. You are extremely creative of founding a new field.
03-28 Spergula Arvensis L.
Your ultimate direction is to proceed and flush to front without hesitation. Drawing back is the last thing coming to your mind because ceaseless conquests and adventures are your missions.
03-29 Taiwan Wampee, Curved-leaf Wampee
Your mood comes and goes fast. Any dispute will be settled overnight. Everyday is a brand-new day to you and this brings infinite hope and possibilities.
03-30 Wood Sorrel
Your action is faster than your nimble mind. You do what you said. Your strength keeps you from being afraid of any danger in front of you. You insist on experiencing a colorful and rich life.
03-31 Gum Euphorbia
You are a person who values friendship. You have a sense of honor and justice. You can always do your friends a favor in time without any conditions.
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