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Sleect Month
02-01 Common Origanum
You can give up everything for freedom. No matter what superior conditions or environments you are offered, you won-t compromise as long as there-s a risk to lose freedom.
02-02 Pomegranata, Delima
You are wise and talented. You are used to leaping thoughts and can look farther and think more. You have an appetite for knowledge.
02-03 Solanum Lyratum
You are good at listening and can accept different ideas so that you can integrate a series of life truth belonging to you.
02-04 Flame Tree
The speed you update information is marvelous. You are always chasing brand-new, newest stuff. You look like a person from the future.
02-05 Illicium Arborescens
You are a humanitarian. To help the weak and aid the needy is your mission. You care about environmental protection very much. Non-substitutable eternal value is what you are seeking for.
02-06 Large-leaf Banyan
You believe in reformation. No construction before destruction. You hate to follow social customs even though you are marked as an alien. You-ve been exerting yourself in pursuing ideals through your life.
02-07 Polygonum Thunbergii Siebold. & Zucc.
You are have queer ideas and talents. You are not restrained from etiquette. You have a gifted brand and a free heart.
02-08 Coral Plant, Physic Nut
You like to add, subtract, rearrange or recombine the stuff in hand and see what it will result in. Your character of innovation and invention is very obvious.
02-09 Roselle
You don-t agree everything is either black or white. You think there-s no fixed track that has to be followed. You don-t have any presumptions and like to deal things with neutral point of view.
02-10 Divaricate Typhonium
You don-t like noisy atmosphere. You are remote from any bustling environment and absorbed in tranquil mood.
02-11 Purslane
You have a profound understanding of human nature so you can let go of desire and do what you want. You like to live obscurely apart from other people.
02-12 Bay Bean
In addition to strong curiosity of astronomy, science and technology, you have extensive interests and can judge the whole from a part.
02-13 Harlequin Glorybower
You are kind, low-keyed, and honest. You are truthful without hypocrisy. You are natural and a person without affectation.
02-14 Resurrection Spikemoss
Any decision or plan you-ve made is not based on current advantage, but on long-term goals and expectation for pursing eternity.
02-15 Red Nanmu, Common Machilus, Thunberg Namu
You are generous and have broad, long-ranged aspiration. You don-t care about personal love but philanthropy to the whole human.
02-16 Margaret Rotang Palm, Yellow Rotang Palm
You have different values from others. You love to plunge yourself into the fields not in vogue. From which you can explore new vision, create new need, and perform energy.
02-17 Candlenut Tree
You seem to live in hermitage but in deed you are philanthropic and enjoy participating in all kinds of social activities for public welfare without asking for any feedback.
02-18 Taiwan Euphorbia
You don-t just talk about dreams or ambitions. You can prove your contribution by practical actions, which makes you feel comfortable.
02-19 Mockstrawberry, Wild Capegoseberry, Hebiichigo
You seem to be too calm in appearance, but inside your heart, you are a sympathetic person and love to help the weak.
02-20 Red Spurge
It-s suitable for you to develop potentiality by meditation. You are interested in religion, mysticism and metaphysics and are keen to relevant issues.
02-21 White Popinac
You put your energy and life most in the aspects of spirit and soul. You insist that taking a rest is for a longer journey and believe that meditation is more meaningful than action.
02-22 Japanese Hretia
You are not oversensitive nor suspicious. You are sincere because you always trust others. It-s pretty tiring to guess what others are thinking about so that you choose to totally trust.
02-23 Wistaria
You are always enthusiastic no matter in action or in spiritual support. You are generous to do favors and welcome to embrace anyone who needs warmth.
02-24 Cucubalus Baccifer L.
You are good-tempered, considerate, and thoughtful. You won-t draw a hasty conclusion and will leave space for explanation and improvement. You can put yourself in others- position.
02-25 Cork Oak
You are always holding good intentions and showing understanding and tenderness toward others. You don-t arbitrarily criticize or censure. You can still be forgiving even though it-s damaging to you.
02-26 Oldham Elaeagnus
The spontaneously lovable sweet character displaying from you holds great attachment to the opposite sex. You are very popular and born with fascination.
02-27 Tuberous Sword Fern
You have pure thought and soul. You don-t haggle, design nor contend. You choose to follow the destiny. You can treat vicissitudes of life well.
02-28 Chinese Lobelia
You always influence people with endless patience, love and benevolence. You can persist in public welfare activities even when meeting obstacles.
02-29 Taiwan Stranvaesia
You are considerate and tolerant. You can keep displaying sincerity and genuineness no matter how you are treated.
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