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Sleect Month
01-01 Big-leaf Hyrdangea
You are determined, willing to take challenges and not afraid of any obstacles. With optimistic caution, you never give up unless you have devoted every effort.
01-02 Ground Ivy, Common Glechoma
You have the dual ability to earn money and save it. You keep enjoying munificent income and sense of certainty after hard-working. The possession of money means sense of safety to you. You refuse any speculation.
01-03 Yushan Cane
You have amazing fortitude to make excellent use of your mental and physical energy without any slake in order to win the last unique honor.
01-04 Reef Pamphis
You can bear hardships and hard work. You are experienced, diligent and unwilling to lose. You can always perform well in facing all kinds of missions and win remarkable achievements.
01-05 Ring-cupped Oak
You always speak and act cautiously, and follow proper courses. You know how to complete your duties without chasing speed or drifting with the tide for short advantages.
01-06 Neottopteris Nidus
You are willing to devote for your family and take all responsibilities. You give respect for seniority and show your authority.
01-07 Field Sowthisle
You have extremely strong willpower and always do what you-ve said. You don-t need any external urging force nor enticement. You think it-s indispensable in life to take challenges and face difficulties.
01-08 Claspingstem Solena
You are diligent and strong. You believe in the truth that long time of hard work will make dreams come true. Time is one of the most precious friends in your life.
01-09 Indian Abutilon
You love durable, classic treasures. They reflect your lasting, unforgettable quality.
01-10 Litsea Hypophaea Hayata
You are scrupulous in separating public from private interests and always well self-disciplined. The same strict standard is adapted to other people and you. You are a person of self-discipline and responsibility.
01-11 Camphor Tree
You always obey rules. You don-t spoil nor go back doors. You can be relied on because you can always precisely complete your job on time.
01-12 Devil-s lvy
You have a clear, firm life philosophy and cannot accept any illusions. You are good at self-affirmation, which becomes the main power to go on.
01-13 Water Hyacinth
You are serious with everything in life. You will do your best to complete all your missions, goals or anything beneficial to you.
01-14 Lovely Gloriosa
You value discipline and responsibility beyond all things. You can always finish all designated missions and keep your promises.
01-15 Celery-leaf Aralia
You are industrious and strong-minded. Your opinions are convincing and you are possessed of successful qualities.
01-16 Elaeagnus Umbellata Thunb.
You are mature and introvert. You are clear of your goals and directions. Everything is planned in detail without any negligence.
01-17 Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen
You are not a speed chaser. You pursue proper quality even though you have to endure a period of hard time. Never giving up is the key concept you persist in.
01-18 Narrowleaf Screwtree Root
You are always absorbed in bringing your talent into full play. The profession you have performed is admirable.
01-19 Arabis Lyrata Subsp. Kamtschatica
You are not eager to express your ideas nor show off. You enjoy quiet thinking and learning. You have your own pace and won-t be influenced by surroundings.
01-20 Boat Lily, Oyster Rhoeo, Oyster Plant
You don-t like rules, however, you will choose to obey them if you decide to accept some challenges or missions. You will do your best and won-t become emotional.
01-21 Taiwan Lily
You don-t believe hearsay or follow the trend. You appreciate your own values and can-t bear to be ordinary.
01-22 Milk Bush, Malabar-tree
You are good at thinking, observing and experiments. You know how to digest what you have learned and turn it into your points of view. You are a person of thinking ability.
01-23 Calla Lily, Arum Lily, Gold Calla
You can always see what others cannot see. By standing at one point to see the whole world, what you are doing is to prepare in advance for the future.
01-24 Taiwan Angelica-tree
You are detached of fame and interest. You won-t get yourself too much involved in any group and most of the time you are steeped in the free world beyond system.
01-25 Taiwan Date Palm
You enjoy creating new things and can always devise grotesque ideas ceaselessly. The source of happiness is based on making fun and originality.
01-26 Japanese Honeysuckle
You are born peculiar because you don-t have to learn or imitate. You are a gifted originator, with novel thinking, independent characters. You are surprisingly promising.
01-27 Chinese Leucas
You are good at trying new things. The more opinions in opposition, the more desire you will have to make an attempt, only that the purpose is for self-enrichment not for fame and future.
01-28 Helmet Flower , Turk-s Cap
You are nimble, creative and eager to learn. You are always looking for the turning point of edification to surmount yourself and open your heart.
01-29 Pall Corydalis, Yellowflower Corydalis
You emphasize that spirit is much more important than material. You also respect the process of learning and hardworking and all interactions among all qualities, which are deemed as valuable nutrients.
01-30 Peppergrass,Virginia Pepperweed,Poorman-s Pepper
You love to discuss mutual concepts and practice mutual dreams with your partners. There is no interest connection but mutual recognition and support.
01-31 Taiwan Strawberry
You are intellective, calm. You don-t get panic in face of huge changes and can jump from negative emotions very quickly.
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